Year 2, Done!

This is an archive from my previous blog site originally posted on June 5, 2019.

Cheers for the gallons of coffee I’ve consumed this school year!

Most people say that 2nd year is the most difficult year in medical school. While some say that Medtechs have an edge because most subjects are basic Medical Technology courses.

Well, these are both true (at least for me). But right now it doesn’t even matter becauase what’s important is I made it through second year!! And a week from now I will be bracing myself for another year of drinking gallons and gallons of coffee. Haha

I had my fair share of ups and down, laughter and tears this school year. I laugh at myself whenever I remember how I would cry about the pettiest things due to the outraging stress hormones all over my circulation. There were also nights when instead of studying I chose to binge-watch my favorite Netflix shows because my brain just won’t function anymore. And for those nights during Finals Week when my friends and I stay up late in coffee shops helping each other study. Not to mention all the Korean Barbeque Buffet eat-outs as a comfort food (4 kilos gained bec of that hahaha). Well, I made it through all these. And I know it wasn’t my personal doing. God has been there with me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

In fact, I have these personal prayer I always pray whenever I am reviewing for an exam. I would ask God to lead me to pecific key points and concepts that will probably come out in the exam. Because how would you study 12 transes overnight?? Well my prayer works every time! I will browse my notes or my transes then some points would catch my attention. Come exam day, those key points are the same exact questions on the test paper.

If there is one thing I’d like to testify about this school year it is that every day I witness a miracle. God always works in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. And His deliverance just comes in the most unexpected ways.

It was Him. Always Him!

Year 2, done! Because my Redeemer is faithful and true!Soli deo gloria!

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