I'm not even mad. But... I'm disappointed. Disappointed at myself. Because I brought myself into this. Because I compromised my principles, my standards, the solid ground of my personal beliefs. Because I kept trying. Because I knew I deserve more, I deserve better... but I settled for less. Now I am both overflowing and empty. … Continue reading less


I'm tired is for cowards. I'm tired is just another way of saying I don't care anymore. I'm tired is passivity at its finest. I'll make a way is for the brave. I'll do better is for those who care and still choose to care. I'll make this right is assertiveness for what you value … Continue reading substance

Midnight Rain

It's 12:19 am. I'm tachycardic. Probably because of the coffee. Or maybe because I haven't been drinking my anti-thyroid meds for two weeks now. My heart beats fast following the rhythm of raindrops on our roof. I'm wide awake. And it's one of those nights my thoughts are difficult to silence. I'm sitting right here … Continue reading Midnight Rain