On Medical Memoirs and Online Internship

I have become fond of medical memoirs lately. One thing I noticed though, is that, these stories are not about what happened during medical school but about real-life experiences in the clinical setting at the hospital. These doctors were able to tell these stories because there was one patient whom they touched and who changed … Continue reading On Medical Memoirs and Online Internship

Clerkship at a Coffeeshop

VIRTUAL CLERKSHIP DIARIES I had to go to a coffeeshop because blackout happened just a minute before our OB-GYN conference. The shop I went to doesn't allow dine-in within their enclosed premises but customers may opt to stay on the tables on a garden outside. I had to switch places every 5 minutes because the … Continue reading Clerkship at a Coffeeshop

Year 2, Done!

This is an archive from my previous blog site originally posted on June 5, 2019. Cheers for the gallons of coffee I've consumed this school year! Most people say that 2nd year is the most difficult year in medical school. While some say that Medtechs have an edge because most subjects are basic Medical Technology … Continue reading Year 2, Done!