Desk Matters

This is an archive from my old blog site originally posted on July 10, 2019.

Let me get something straight.

I am a productivity geek — or at least I used to be. But I have an issue, a desk issue. I can’t and will not function well without a properly organized desk. My productivity, my creativity and even my thinking depends almost entirely on my desk.

My current desk at my current abode (I used to move places from now and then) is made up of two different tables — one as my working table and the other as a shelf/actual desk (as you can see from the photo above). I like love to keep everything in place and to have a place for everything. For example, all the books in my to-be-read list for the month is piled up just beside the books I use for my daily devotions. And all these must be placed in perfectly aligned book spines. Also, I have two pen holders (aside from my actual pencil case) where I keep all writing instruments that I use regularly. Beside that is my trusted study lamp, and placed just somewhere near is my digital clock which also works as a timer whenever I study with Pomodoro technique.

Most of all, I enjoy putting posters right in front of my desk. Posters that inspire me, or remind me of the things that matter. Just today I decided to re-layout these posters. Instead of my usual monthly calendar and some artsy postcards, I resorted to something which will inspire both my mind and my soul. And of course, the bookworm that I am will obviously put some “reading books quotes” from Pinterest beside a picture of me taken a few weeks ago reaching for some book in a shelf packed with hardbound-second-hands you can definitely smell by just beholding.

But, the highlight of my desk re-layouting is the third poster you can see from the picture. A vintage artwork of a human brain blooming with flowers embossed on an old brownish book page backdrop.

This poster could mean many things. But to me, it means only one thing — GROWTH.

God has bestowed us with a brain capable of developing to the utmost extent. And if only we read the right things, learn the right things and even think the right thoughts, our brains will bloom more beautifully like the flowers in the field.

From now on, everytime I sit down on my desk, I will be reminded to pursue growth. Like those flowers blooming beautifully around a well-cultivated brain, so should I bloom as I seek to develop all the mental powers that God has gifted me with.

You see?? All these stuffs I’m writing right now, right here on my desk, has been inspired by the mere sight of this vintage poster in front of me. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to write this blog right now without first (re)organizing my desk.

I hope you get my point. Your desk matters. A clean organized desk sparks clear organized thinking. And what we always see (on our desk) definitely affects what we think, how we act and maybe who we become. So surround your desk with things that inspire you, stuffs that spark joy within you and other things that inspire you to grow.You’ll be surprised how the mere act of organizing your desk will boost your productivity. Moreso, your growth and creativity. 🌻🍃

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