Clerkship at a Coffeeshop


I had to go to a coffeeshop because blackout happened just a minute before our OB-GYN conference. The shop I went to doesn’t allow dine-in within their enclosed premises but customers may opt to stay on the tables on a garden outside. I had to switch places every 5 minutes because the sun keeps on shining directly on me and on my screen. Also the internet connection is very unstable and I could barely hear Doc speaking because the generator sound was too loud.

But what cringed me the most is the fact that my screen is full of images of the female genitalia because we were discussing transvaginal ultrasound procedure. The waiters and other customers who pass by my table are glancing over me with eyes of both judgment and curiosity.

I know it’s taboo. And I do not intend for them to see what’s on my screen. But I let it pass. I do not need to explain myself. Because sooner, in the hospital, I will be glanced over with eyes of scrutiny and critism. It’s up for me whether to let that destruct me or construct me.

That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

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