I just watched Hamilton (the hamilfilm) tonight and now I’m crying in Hamiltears.

Seriously. It’s a genius work of broadway art!

When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweet few months ago saying that the show is coming to Disney+, I was sad because the platform hasn’t been launched in the Philippines yet.

When the show was released yesterday, I envied all those who were able to watch. But today, I woke up to an exciting message.

My sweetheart said he got me a VPN and a Disney+ subscription then he went on instructing me as I set up the two apps on my phone. My excitement was shooting up! I’ve been wanting to watch this for years ever since I read the book. And now it’a right at my fingertips.

My sweetheart and I watched it together (I’m in Palawan, he is in Manila). He said it’ll his clerkship send-off gift for me.


THE BEST 2 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES OF SCREENTIME EVER! I was literally out of words.

In It’s Quiet Uptown, Angelica sang “There are moments that words can’t reach”. Well this is one of those moments!!!

Also, I have been fangirling Jonathan Groff since Frozen II (I mean have you heard Lost in the Woods)? And seeing his performance in Hamilton just made me admire him more.

Lastly, for the star of the show — Lin-Manuel Miranda!!! I can’t imagine how he wrote that entire broadway show all by himself. What kind of talent does he have!? Not only that, he produced it and played Hamilton himself! I read somewhere that the idea of the show just came to him when he randomly picked Ron Chernow’s book about Hamilton’s life at an airport bookstore. History is boring. But I can’t imagine how he brought America’s history to life using music with broad genre in a modern day approach. I was personally amazed at how the Cabinet Meeting was portrayed as a rip-off and how King George’s sentiments was sang like a break up song. Also, Hamilton and Eliza’s love story!!! Ugh. Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story?

I’m glad my sweeheart did not throw away this shot (see what I did there). I’m more than satisfied with the show. Da-da-da-dat-daaaaaa ~

From the music, the lyrics, casting and everything in between — it’s a 15/10 for me!!! HAMIL-zing!

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