Middle C

Last Saturday, a new book was delivered to my doorstep. It was a late birthday gift from my sweetheart. A book I’ve been wanting to have for so long and now it’s finally here.

It is the book written by America’s former first lady, Michelle Obama. It’s sort of an autobiography. How Michelle became The Michelle that the world came to know.

“Your story what you have. What you will always have. It is something to own.” -Preface of Becoming

On my way to the end of chapter one, this particular paragraph hit me.

“When you’re little, a piano can look like it has a thousand keys. You’re staring at an expanse of black and white that stretches farther than two small arms can reach. Middle C, I soon learned, was the anchoring point. It was the territorial line between where the right hand and left hand traveled, between the treble and the bass clefs. If you could lay your thumb on middle C, everything else automatically fell into place.”

I paused and stared blankly at the book when I read this. And I asked myself, what is my Middle C? What is my anchoring point? The one thing that when I find it, everything else falls into place?

Then I realized, unlike the piano, I have several Middle Cs. There is not one thing that anchors me. And as long as I have those, my hands know how to play along the treble and bass clefs. It’s a music that is unique and beautiful in its entirety.

These middle Cs of mine are people and things and abstract feelings that make life more beautiful than it actually is. These middle Cs harmonize with one another to keep me grounded so I could play my music.

I lay my thumb on middle C. Then everything automatically falls into place.

Have you found your Middle C?

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