Quarantine Reads + World Book Day 2020

This year’s World Book Day (April 23) happened to be the same day as my 40th day into quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I shared on my Instagram account all the books I’ve read since Day 1 of Quarantine and thought I might as well publish it here.

I’ve read a total of eight books in 40 days. I know. That could’ve been more were it not for my online classes and if only I had brought all the books I bought from BBW last March.

I left most of my unread books in my dormitory in Manila and I had brought only a few when I came home to the province. Luckily, Scribd has offered a 30-day free access to their online library so I was able to read a few more.

So, here’s all of them. These are the same exact images I shared on Instagram.

Currently, I’m reading another Crichton (A Case of Need). I fell in love with his writing and how it appeals to my nerd scientific soul!!!

I’m actually trying to read more but I had to prioritize my online exams first. So basically I had been reading more medical textbooks than any other book recently. Haha.

I know most bookworms are grateful for this quarantine because we can finally get rid of our reading slump.

How’s your reading going?

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