"Some days in late August at home are like this, the air thin and eager like this, with something in it sad and nostalgic and familiar." {WF, The Sound and the Fury} The sun hits differently in late August. I saw it shining through my window this afternoon and I felt this sudden rush of … Continue reading August

how rare and beautiful it is to even exist

I've been on LSS with Sleeping at Last's song "Saturn" for week now. It was a part of their first Astronomy-themed album where they sang deeply emotional songs about each planet. I like this one the most. Lately, I feel like I'm stuck in a slump. Life has become monotonous with the advent of the … Continue reading how rare and beautiful it is to even exist

Recovery Mode

Recover. :to return to the normal state of mind, health or well-being My iPad for six years went into the dreaded black screen of death earlier this morning. I am trying to revive/recover it tonight. Though I know deep down it's not only this that needs recovery. I, too, am in dire need. Today has … Continue reading Recovery Mode


I just watched Hamilton (the hamilfilm) tonight and now I'm crying in Hamiltears. Seriously. It's a genius work of broadway art! When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda's tweet few months ago saying that the show is coming to Disney+, I was sad because the platform hasn't been launched in the Philippines yet. When the show was … Continue reading Hamilton