a few random thoughts

I was torn whether to read all my CPGs for Internal Medicine including this latest update on COVID-19 Interim Guidance or to catch up with my to-be-reads. I have approximately five books left unfinished since clerkship started. But I also have lots of backlogs on my essential clinical readings.

I’m now on my 4th week in Junior Internship and I’ve a few realizations.

First, Internal Medicine is now up on my choices for specialization. Endocrinology and Infectious Diseases are the two subspecialties I’m considering.

Two, I need a major refresher on medical theory especially with pharmacology. I’m having a hard time dealing with medications and deciding which one to give to the patient.

Three, I’m one grateful (and yes, proud) Medical Laboratory Scientist. Labtests is not a problem for me and I can easily interpret the results. We had two cases today and I did enjoy the diagnostics part.

Four, inasmuch as I want to become an competent in medical practice, my mantra of getting trained beyond curriculum lingers on.

I’m too lazy to blog these past days because we’ve been writing a of case outputs daily which I think uses up majority of my brain glucose. I always end uo dead tired in the evening.

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