Through Heaven’s Eyes

This week's Sabbath School lesson is entitled Seeing People Through Jesus' Eyes and it highlighted a story found in Mark 8:22-26. Of all the healing ministries of Jesus, this is the only instance when he healed a person with a second touch. The healing took place in two stages. But before we jump into the … Continue reading Through Heaven’s Eyes

Where Do You Go For Strength

This is an archive from my previous blog site originally posted on December 3, 2017. "Pagod na ako"  is a phrase I've been trying so hard to keep out of my mind. I have this belief that you will become whatever you tell yourself so I've been doing a lot of self-motivation and been refraining … Continue reading Where Do You Go For Strength

My God is Near

I have been drowning in anxiety this week. I've been taking online exams for a month now and I just learned tonight that I'll be having the first two months of my Clinical Clerkship (Internship) via online also. Everything else that follows is unclear and uncertain. This pandemic has made all things difficult for everyone. … Continue reading My God is Near


Aren't beginnings beautiful? I have always loved the first book of the Bible. And just recently, I fell in love more with the first phrase In the beginning God. I remember how carelessly we recite these verses when we were kids during Sabbath School. It was one of the easiest verses to recite and thus … Continue reading Genesis