I just watched Hamilton (the hamilfilm) tonight and now I'm crying in Hamiltears. Seriously. It's a genius work of broadway art! When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda's tweet few months ago saying that the show is coming to Disney+, I was sad because the platform hasn't been launched in the Philippines yet. When the show was … Continue reading Hamilton


I woke up at 7:15 this morning because I have an online exam at 8am. I've been feeling this itchiness at my back since last night but I ignored it. But just when I started answering a 100-item 2-hr comprehensive examination, red itchy patches accompanied by papules erupted all over beginning on my arms, chest … Continue reading Anti-Histamine

Life Lemons – On Lockdown and Productivity

What good is a planner without plans? The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest lemon of 2020 yet. How many lemonades have I made out of it? To recap...I was in lockdown since March 14. Home quarantine wasn't much of a challenge for an introvert like me. Becoming productive is actually the challenge. Aside from … Continue reading Life Lemons – On Lockdown and Productivity