On Obesity and Pamaskong Pagbati

There's a recent buzz in the social media world about an actress who was described as "obese" in an educational module used in a local primary school. People has been weighing in with different opinions. The actress herself also has already released her official statement. I'm not the kind who reacts in these kind of … Continue reading On Obesity and Pamaskong Pagbati

a few random thoughts

I was torn whether to read all my CPGs for Internal Medicine including this latest update on COVID-19 Interim Guidance or to catch up with my to-be-reads. I have approximately five books left unfinished since clerkship started. But I also have lots of backlogs on my essential clinical readings. I'm now on my 4th week … Continue reading a few random thoughts

Recovery Mode

Recover. :to return to the normal state of mind, health or well-being My iPad for six years went into the dreaded black screen of death earlier this morning. I am trying to revive/recover it tonight. Though I know deep down it's not only this that needs recovery. I, too, am in dire need. Today has … Continue reading Recovery Mode


I just watched Hamilton (the hamilfilm) tonight and now I'm crying in Hamiltears. Seriously. It's a genius work of broadway art! When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda's tweet few months ago saying that the show is coming to Disney+, I was sad because the platform hasn't been launched in the Philippines yet. When the show was … Continue reading Hamilton


I woke up at 7:15 this morning because I have an online exam at 8am. I've been feeling this itchiness at my back since last night but I ignored it. But just when I started answering a 100-item 2-hr comprehensive examination, red itchy patches accompanied by papules erupted all over beginning on my arms, chest … Continue reading Anti-Histamine

Iced Mocha

I went to the hospital today to get the second out of the three vaccines I need. My plan initially was after the immunization, I'll stay at one of the best coffee shops in town and soak in the goodness of A. Verghese's book. I was excited because it has been a long time since … Continue reading Iced Mocha