Recovery Mode

Recover. :to return to the normal state of mind, health or well-being My iPad for six years went into the dreaded black screen of death earlier this morning. I am trying to revive/recover it tonight. Though I know deep down it's not only this that needs recovery. I, too, am in dire need. Today has … Continue reading Recovery Mode


I'm now on my third week of virtual clinical clerkship and today was my first day on the Department of Pediatrics. Our first task was to write a history and physical examination of a neonate based on a video shown to us. I have never enjoyed writing history ever since my 2nd year in medical … Continue reading Intuitive


I'm not even mad. But... I'm disappointed. Disappointed at myself. Because I brought myself into this. Because I compromised my principles, my standards, the solid ground of my personal beliefs. Because I kept trying. Because I knew I deserve more, I deserve better... but I settled for less. Now I am both overflowing and empty. … Continue reading less


I'm tired is for cowards. I'm tired is just another way of saying I don't care anymore. I'm tired is passivity at its finest. I'll make a way is for the brave. I'll do better is for those who care and still choose to care. I'll make this right is assertiveness for what you value … Continue reading substance


I just watched Hamilton (the hamilfilm) tonight and now I'm crying in Hamiltears. Seriously. It's a genius work of broadway art! When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda's tweet few months ago saying that the show is coming to Disney+, I was sad because the platform hasn't been launched in the Philippines yet. When the show was … Continue reading Hamilton