If He never sends us rain

Life has been too overwhelming lately.

No one knows except me and the Lord that I have been on a really rough path lately. The demands of my day-to-day online activities is exhausting. Time has become my biggest concern.

If time’s of the essence,

then you need My presence

Matt and Josie Minikus, All The Time In The World

For the past few weeks, I decided to shift my routine to a different pattern so I have time to read the Bible and pray. I sleep immediately after dinner then wake up at 11 or 12 mn so I can have quality time with the Lord (and finish other tasks for clerkship) then sleep again at 3 or 4 am so I could wake up again at 7am to attend an online duty at 8.

Tonight, tho, was different. After reading my Bible, I prayed. I have so much I wanted to tell Him but I couldn’t find the words. My heart is so overwhelmed with emotions I have long suppresed I began to burst into tears.

It’s challenging. But I found that when all the world is asleep, there’s an indescribable silence that God fills with His voice I can better hear the lessons He wanted to teach me in the cold serendipitous hours of the night.

I have always believed that tears are a language that God only understands.

There is a major life decision I have to make a few weeks from now and I’m in dire need of His guidance because I have no idea how to navigate this road on my own. There’s also so much going on in my life right now I barely find a time to actually breathe and enjoy the very gift of life. I am in constant hurry, I stress and fret.

And so tonight I cried. And I knew He understood my tears.

Maybe not, not today

Peace might be another world away

And if that’s the case

I’ll give thanks to You with gratitude

For lessons learned in how to trust in You

That I’m blessed beyond

What I could ever dream

In abundance or in need

How to bless the sun

That warms my face

If You never send us rain

Gratitude, Nebblett Family

I have no words for how overwhelming (my) life has become lately. But through all these, I am grateful knowing that He is my strength and my song. Most importantly, He has become my salvation.

His deliverance comes in ways we always least expect.

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