I’m on my Neurology rotation this week. I presented a case this afternoon during our online conference and I got the most kilig feedback so far since clerkship started. “Congratulations! This is one of the best presentations from the clerks so far!”, Doc said.

Ugh! I’m so kilig really! For a second there, I went into a reminiscing moment…I was on cloud nine.

I’ve always been fascinated with the human brain since I was in high school. That was when I learned about Benjamin Carson — the neurosurgeon who performed surgery on the Siamese twins (the first in the whole world). I remember that moment when I decided I wanted to become a Doctor I wanted to be a NeuroSurgeon. I wanted to be like Ben Carson. I’ve been so inspired by The Gifted Hands. And since then I’ve centered my curiosity into learning more about the human brain. Yep, my Research Paper back in high school was about the neurophysiology of dreams. Why we dream, how we dream and what these dreams mean.

My fascination shifted from the human brain to the human blood when I took Medical Laboratory Science in College. But I never stopped learning about the human brain.

I still wanted to become a NeuroSurgeon when I entered medical school. But this passion changed overtime as I learned more about the culture of medicine and the fact that the field of NeuroSurgery is dominated by males and only a few females survive. Also the difficulty level of NeuroAnatomy during first year med really challenged me.

I took a course on Neurology in my third year in medical school. That is when I began to despise the subject. My lowest ever grade in medical school is on this particular course. No matter how much I try to read and study and understand, it is still too difficult for me. I then decided I’ll take Internal Medicine instead and specialize probably in Hematology or Infectious Diseases.

Despite the difficulties of taking this Neurology course, my fascination for the human brain still grew fonder and fonder. Just recently, I gave a lecture in our church among the young professionals about the NeuroScience of keeping the Sabbath. I researched the topic out of my personal curiosity and I never expected I’ll soon be lecturing about it.

I read books, I read journals, I research articles about anything concerning the human brain that stirs my curiosity.

Then, this afternoon happened…

To be honest, the report was a team effort of my core group. Only, I was assigned to report it verbally. I read about the topic last night, checked the books, researched online and tried to find an explanation for everything about the case. Ugh I even tried to interpret brain imaging results (which was way beyond my level hahaha).

I never expected to receive such positive feedback from Doc and even from my classmates. Not to mention that this is Neurology — the subject I once dreamed of specializing but now despise.

Many of those ahead of me say that you’ll know what you really want after clerkship. I’ve been to six rotations already. The only ones I enjoyed were Surgery and Internal Medicine. And the only ones that enjoyed having me were Pediatrics and Neurology.

And given my childhood dream of becoming a brain doctor, Neurology and Surgery gets a rule-in point today.

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