A Heart That Beats With the Heart of Christ

I came across an interesting discussion in my quiet time tonight.

Has anyone ever asked you, “How is your day going?” “Is everything all right with you today?” What if you asked God those questions? “God, how is Your day going?” What kind of response do you think you would receive? Possibly it would be one like this. “My day has been extremely difficult. Tears filled My eyes at one thousand refugee camps filled with cold, hungry, crying children. I walked the streets of the world’s crowded cities and wept with the homeless and destitute. My heart breaks over abused women and frightened children sold into sexual slavery. I witnessed the ravages of war, the devastating effects of natural disasters and the painful agony of debilitating, deadly diseases”.

Would you respond by asking, “But God, is there anything that makes You rejoice? Is there anything that brings joy to Your heart? Is there anything that makes You sing?”

Imagine God’s heart hurting everyday seeing all His beloved children suffer. He sees everyone and He not only emphatizes with our sufferings but He feels what we feel. His heart is covered with sorrow as He sees the world getting worse and worse every day.

Is there anything that brings joy to His heart?

1 Timothy 2:4 says the He “…desires all people to be saved and to come over the knowledge of the truth.” That means nothing brings joy to His heart more than one lost soul who is saved. Nothing means more to Him than to seek and to save the lost.

God’s utmost desire is for every single one of His children to be saved. He doesn’t want anyone to perish.

For those of us who have already heard of the gospel, believed, called on His name and are saved by grace, He gave us the commission to witness for Him. We are links in the plan of salvation to reach out to those who are still in the dark.

In order for us to witness for Him, we need to have a heart that beats with the heart of Christ. We need to desire what He desires. We need to look at each person as He sees. And this is only possible when we truly dedicate our lives to Him and daily humbly walk with Him.

The love of Christ constrains me,” wrote Paul. His love makes us motivated witnesses. His love makes our hearts beat with His.

When we truly realize how wonderful and overwhelming is His love for us, we are compelled to share the good news with others.

We bring joy to His heart when we share with others what He has done for us. All heaven rejoices when one prodigal son comes home. God himself rejoices with singing (Zephanaiah 3:17).

When was the last time you checked your heart? How many times have you brought joy to His heart?

Let His love ever constrain you.

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