Iced Mocha

I went to the hospital today to get the second out of the three vaccines I need. My plan initially was after the immunization, I’ll stay at one of the best coffee shops in town and soak in the goodness of A. Verghese’s book.

I was excited because it has been a long time since the last time I had my me time at a coffeeshop.

But guess what? I left the book at home.

All that I have in my bag is an empty planner, a pen and all my immunization papers. I was disappointed at myself.

Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful day. I am the only customer here right now. It was raining outside and the lights and music here inside is very homey.

Now that my plan to read is cancelledt, I’ll just savor this moment (and this french bread grilled chicken).

It is a beautiful Friday!

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