The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice

This is an archive from my previous blog site originally posted on October 27, 2017.

First things first. I go to 7-Eleven everyday. Like, everyday EVERYDAY (except for weekends when I go somewhere else). But on a regular basis, my day isn’t complete without visiting that well-known convenient store in the Philippines which you can find in almost every corner of the street.

October 26, 2017 | 03:30 pm
I was walking out of the campus heading to (yes, of course) 7-Eleven after the mind-wrecking examination in Biochemistry that inactivated (I know this is exag but hey it’s biochem) almost every enzyme in my body as I was having this self-dialog (I should’ve been dead now lol).
Should I get a milk tea or a pineapple juice? Okay, milk tea. Nah, pineapple juice. But milk tea has pearls. Milk t…Pineapple. Nah, milk tea. Uhmm. Okay, pineapple juice. Healthy choices. Healthy choices.
But more than my dilemma of which drink to get was my worry on how well I performed in the exam. I was worried because the exam alone comprises 40% of the total grade for this term. This is med school so I cannot fail. I. Just. Can’t.

I spent the whole night studying. I, in fact, went out with some of my friends so we could study together until the nearest coffee shop closes. But one thing I don’t understand about exams in med school is that no matter how much you read the book, learn the concepts and memorize the transes, the exam WOULD ALWAYS be asking questions you’ve never encountered before—not even in your battles with the textbook author himself.

Going back to the drink…

I bought orange juice, which, I am not a fan of. Knowing that the store is out of pineapple juice my instant reflex was to get milk tea. But since I am practicing self-discipline most specially when it comes to decisions about health (char), I resisted the urge to get milk tea and had the orange juice instead. This wasn’t easy for me because I am a routine person. I routinely buy milk tea or pineapple juice only—never tried orange juice like ever!

You maybe wondering now what does this juice-milk-tea thing has to do with Biochemistry? Like who cares if 7-Eleven is out of pineapple juice?

Well friends…

My only point is that I AM TWICE DISAPPOINTED TODAY. Biochemistry betrayed me—I did all my best but it still isn’t enough. And what I thought would at least cheer me up (oh that precious cup of ice-cold pineapple juice) would only be causing me more disappointment.
WHY AM I EVEN MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS. I am sorry folks but I just needed to rant.

So yes! The day 7-Eleven was out of pineapple juice was a horrible day. Because that same day, Biochemistry betrayed me. And I am terribly disappointed!
Nothing more. Nothing less.

And now I am trying to move on.

UPDATE – October 27, 2017 | 01:30 pm
Biochemistry exam results are out now and THANK GOD I PASSED! Also, that orange juice wasn’t that bad after all.

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