Amazed Every Single Tims

This is an archive from my previous blog site originally posted on August 17, 2017.


It has been almost a month now that I’ve been in medschool.

Everyday in class is basically God telling me the story of how He intricately formed the human body — each nerve, each protein, each chemical — in a fearful and wonderful way so that it would function to glorify Him.

Leaves me amazed.

Every. Single. Time.

“From the first dawn of reason, the human mind should become intelligent in regard to the physical structure. We may behold and admire the work of GOD in the natural world, but the HUMAN HABITATION is the MOST WONDERFUL.” -EGWhite, HL 13.2

It only makes sense that my study of the human body can only be best done if I learn from the Creator Himself.

I will praise the Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; His works are wonderful and my soul knows that full well.

Teach me Father, how to appreaciate Your creation more. Teach me that as I study, my awe will always be directed to You because You are the One who created us, moreso redeemed us.

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