Books Find Their Way To Us

I have always believed that books come to us in ways we least expect. We don’t find them, they find their way to us.

I have many stories about this. Today was yet another to be told.

I went to BookSale after a few errands from the bank. I wasn’t planning to buy anything. The mere sight of books gloriously stacked up to the ceiling is satisfying enough for me. But while I was on my way out, I saw a familiar book spine. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. I’ve been wanting to have a personal copy of this Christian classic for years now. And today it was right there at plain sight, worth less than the iced coffee I’m willing to pay for to satisfy my cravings.

I went into panic mode. The happy and excited kind of panic mode.

But, wait…there’s more!

Beside it are four other books that are on my to-save-for list!!! *see picture above*

So I went into extreme panic mode. Lol.

Think Big, Ben Carson. I’ve been looking up to this NeuroSurgeon since I read his book Gifted Hands back when I was in college. A week ago, during another unplanned visit to BookSale, I found a copy of that book for Php 25 only!!! I bought it with another unexpected find — Having A Mary Heart in A Martha World, a book recommended to me by a good friend.

How I found those? I was picking up my shopping card which dropped on the floor when at one glance on the under shelf I saw the word Carson. I knew at that moment that my unplanned visit to BookSale has a purpose.

Another great finds today are these Christian classics by Hannah Hurnard. I read Hinds’ Feet On High Places from Scribd two months ago. Since then I’ve been saving up so I could buy an actual personal copy of these gems. Today, at only Php 35, these books has found their way home to me.

I am delighted today because another five beautiful books has unexpectedly come to me. No, I did not dig up the shelves to find those. It just appeared right in front of my eyes and as if saying we’re here now, take us home.

I know, I know. I sound overly dramatic now. But the books in my shelf all have stories outside and beyond its pages. My Instagram post a year ago was one beautiful example.

Books tell us stories. At the same time, they let us experience stories we ourselves can tell.

What book stories do you have?

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