In Need of Social Media Detox

It’s getting toxic online lately. Our country is facing problems way bigger than the pandemic. The global community has been on a protest for weeks now. COVID-19 cases is still on the rise, natural calamities occuring, poor people starving to death, a failing government, people with opposing opinions are on the rage online, and many more.

Whichever social media account I go to, it is all the same and there is nothing new. Sure I wanted to be updated. I want to know what has been happening lately. I read the news. I listen to the daily presser. But sometimes, it becomes too toxic I just want to be off all socmed for a while.

The thing is, while socmed has become a toxic place for me it is also a vital medium for all my online medschooling transactions. So getting off from it means I’ll be missing out on all important updates from my school.

I admit that majority of my anxieties lately is due to what I read and what I see from the news. I just wanted to have some time off so I can refocus to the things that really matter. And that my thinking will at least be renewed from all the negativity dominating these media.

Social Media detox was never that hard back when days are still normal. But at this time when all of our lives is revolving online, a social media detox also means taking away life itself.


Instead of uninstalling my socmed accounts (like I usually do), I decided to just turn off all notifs so I won’t be tempted to check every time I hear a bling. I’m limiting my screen time by going online only at a certain time of the day (at least while online classes do not resume yet). I’m also keeping myself busy reading books and catching up with my TBRs.

If social media has been taking away your peace lately, take some time off. You owe that to your self.

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