The Good Portion

Today was the first time ever since lockdown that I went to church. It was a beautiful Sabbath!

I was asked to give a message during the afternoon service and I decided to talk about one of my favorite topics — Sabbath and Mental Health.

I keep several presentations (mostly health lectures) in my ipad for when I am asked to speak it always comes in handy.

I made this lecture a year ago when out of curiosity I wanted to know if there are scientific proofs about the effect of Sabbath-keeping to one’s mental well-being. Lo and behold I was able to find at least four scientific journals supporting my claim. Sabbath-keeping indeed has a positive impact on mental health.

As a Sabbath-keeper since birth, I know for a fact that even without scientific evidence, the Sabbath is beneficial for me. Because God made it as a rest day for man. The Sabbath is for me. (Mark 2:27)

I won’t be sharing what I exactly talked about in my lecture because I would be spoiling future audiences. By the way, this is the third time I shared this topic. The first and second time was on different churches during different occassions. But each time I speak about it, new truths come into enlightenment as if I was listening to my lecture myself. The Lord is just so amazing!

For preview, I discussed the Neurobiological processes happening in the brain when we consciously decide to rest on the Sabbath. I related these scientific findings with Creation and the first Sabbath experienced by Adam and Eve. I used a lot of references which are all incorporated within my lecture slides. How I wish I could share the entire presentation here.

I ended with a note on the story of Mary and Martha found in Luke 10.

Martha was worried she wasn’t doing or preparing enough for Jesus. But Mary? She decided to sit still at Jesus’ feet and learn and listen to Him.

Sometimes we are like Martha. We are too occupied with a lot of things we become anxious and then we question God, “Do you not care?” [He does care! Read here.]

But His answer will always remain the same, “You have to choose the good portion. The better part. Rest. Sit still at My feet. Spend time with Me on the Sabbath.”

This COVID-19 pandemic has indeed caused a lot of distresses with regards to our mental health. But the Sabbath — the one blessed day where we spend time with our Maker —has been to us a port protected from storms that round us rise.

I am thankful for this Sabbath. I chose the good portion today. And this won’t be taken away from me.

I had a few realizations today.

1. We all have been connecting with one another through online platforms for months now. But nothing compares to actual person fellowship (even if socially distanced). The thrill you feel when you get together with God’s wonderful people is just something to be cherished.

2. Prophecies are indeed fast fulfilling. The blessed hope is once again highlighted this Sabbath day. Aren’t we all excited for the everyday-Sabbath-day we’ll be having in our heavenly home?

3. Music and singing in church is sermon enough in itself. I really missed hearing live piano music and singing hymns with the congregation. Today I felt I was singing with the angels.

4. Sabbath is a gift oft taken-for-granted. I, for myself, never realized how much beauty and blessing there is in strict compliance of Sabbath-keeping.

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