Life Lemons – On Lockdown and Productivity

What good is a planner without plans?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest lemon of 2020 yet.

How many lemonades have I made out of it?

To recap…I was in lockdown since March 14. Home quarantine wasn’t much of a challenge for an introvert like me. Becoming productive is actually the challenge.

Aside from me having online classes, taking online exams, shooting videos in place of our actual skills and practical clinical skills, there’s a lot more lemonade I’ve squeezed since March.

Since March, I have…

  • Read approximately 10 books (seven of which are found here.)
  • Watched three new Netflix series
    • The Crown
    • The Royal House of Windsor
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Rewatched a few Netflix Series
    • Modern Family
    • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    • Riverdale
  • Watched more than thirty movies
  • Revisited my old piano lesson book (Czerny) and spent at least three-hours a week practicing piano (un-rustying them skillz)
  • Accomplised and submitted less than twenty academic papers
  • Read USMLE Step 1, ABSITE Step 1 amd reviewed several medschool topics
  • Brushed up on my cooking skills (tried out cooking new dishes, experimented with limited ingredients and owning the kitchen like a queen)
  • Done lots of journaling in my ESV Journaling Bible
  • Had my eyeglass lenses changed ’cause guess whose eyesight just got worse
  • Re-made my blog (old blog is still up tho)

I guess that’s already a good amount of lemonade given that majority of my time is spent on online schooling.

New Challenge

This next two weeks, however, will be quite different. I am on a break from online schooling as my Clinical Clerkship will commence on July 1. I wanted to make this two-week-break as meaningful and productive as possible because come the 1st of July my daily schedule is again messed up.

I still have a tall pile of to-be-read and I plan to devour these books starting this week. I am also planning to rewatch a few old series I love like Sherlock and The Big Bang Theory.

Next to my list of to-do’s is to continue studying/reviewing pre-clinical subjects like Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, and Histology.

Bible Journaling is another vital activity included in my daily tasks. I have a reading plan for the month already.

I also plan to write and blog as much as I can because tbh my writing skills is getting rustier than my piano skills. Oh yes, need to add practice more piano to the list too.

We’re all still uncertain how long is this lockdown going to linger. Given the country’s most recent stats, I doubt we’ll back to normal sooner. So I really have to plan well how to squeeze more lemonades out of this lockdown lemon.

We can never turn back time so we might as well cherish all this time that we have while in lockdown. Cheers for the lemonades we’re squeezing!! Let’s make our lockdown life meaningful!

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