Flowers for Sunset

Ever since the quarantine started, I’ve been longing to see a beautiful sunset painting the sky with different hues of orange, yellow and red with the sun at its most golden slowly hiding itself on the endless blue horizon.

My first attempt to see a sunset was last week, about 3 months into quarantine. My brother and I went for a walk on the bay about less than a kilometer away from home. I was very excited and I had my phone’s Pro camera feature ready so I can take thousands of sunset photos I can post on my IG with a dramatic millenial-ish caption. But the sun has decided to literally hide itself. It was cloudy when we arrived at the bay. No signs of rain, just huge cumulus clouds hovering over the mountains where the sunset is supposed to put on a majestic show.

Although the sunset was bit of a disappointment that day, there was a colorful surprise for us along the way. While walking to the bay, we passed by a huge wall (a literal wall) of blooming Bougainvilleas in several bright colors. Fuschia pink, light pink, sunset orange, yellow, white and a backdrop of fresh green leaves. It was a beautiful sight. So beautiful my brother and I literally ran towards it and took lots of IG-worthy photos.

This is a just a portion of an approximately 500-meter long wall of blooming flowers. Each portion presents with a distinctive set of colors. It looks like a giant bouquet.

For a moment there, I felt so deprived of nature for too long that the mere sight ordinary local flowers gave me so much joy! I felt like a child, so naive, being happy and content with the ordinary things in life. Well aren’t we adults supposed to act like that all the time? Sometimes we take life too taken-for-granted we forget the beauty that is in the ordinary.

So on that Sunday, I wasn’t able to see the sunset I expected but there were flowers which reminded me that there’s still so much we should be grateful for. I wonder how flowers do that to us. The mere sight of their vibrant colors sparks a lot of emotions and epiphanies within the human heart.

My second attempt to see the sunset was today. At around 5 pm, we started walking towards the bay. This time I wasn’t expecting much because it has been gloomy since morning. But I still wanna go for health reasons. I’ve been sedentary all week because of my online exams and I could really use some calorie-burning activities today.

The sunset still didn’t show. But I noticed that the waters is calmer today compared to last week. It was so serene my heart felt very still looking at the sky’s reflection on the surface of the blue green water.

I was reminded of the story in the Bible when the disciples faced a storm in the middle of the night and Jesus calmed the waters. I wonder if it was this calm.

Lately I have been too troubled for what lies ahead. I can’t rest because everything ahead is uncertain. There isn’t something to look forward to. This community quarantine has taught me to only plan one day at a time. All long-term goals are put on hold. There was a raging storm inside me longing for some certainty, for some surety for what’s ahead.

Today, Jesus calmed that storm. My heart began to feel as still and as serene as this water. Now I know how the disciples must’ve felt that night. Jesus was in their boat the entire time and they panicked. I panicked. But when Jesus said “peace be still”, all things fell into place. Peace erased every trace of panic.

I am resting tonight in this wonderful peace,
Resting sweetly in Jesus’ control;
For I’m kept from all danger by night and by day,
And His glory is flooding my soul!

Next week, I’d go to see the sunset again. I’m not anymore expecting to see a particular kind of sunset. But I’m excited what things other than the sunset will Christ unveil to me to teach object lessons so I could grow and trust Him more.

If you’re asking God for a sunset, fret not if He gives you flowers. Or if He brings you to calm shallow waters. He always knows just what we need at the moment we most need it.

All He requires of us is to trust Him.

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