BECOMING by Michelle Obama (Reading with the Audio Book)

I’ve been putting off my to-be-read for 2 weeks now because of online exams. But tonight I decided to go to back where I left off.

I randomly thought of searching for an audio book on Google Podcasts for Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. Voila! There’s one read by the author herself.

And so I immersed my self into Michelle’s beautiful childhood stories tonight. Both visually and auditory.

I learned in medschool, by theory and experience, that your brain processess information better if your seeing and hearing it at the same time.

The thing is I read faster than the narration on the audio. Lol. Good for me there’s this button on Google Podcasts where you can adjust how fast the audio would play. I also turned on the trim silence option so the audio could better catch up my how fast I read. Lols.

I thought listening to the podcast at its normal speed would be a great idea if I’m not reading the book simultaneously. Maybe I could try it while I’m on a bus ride just passing time, or when I’m about to sleep waiting for my thoughts to drift away.

I can’t wait to finish the book. This seems to be an appropriate read these days given the recent George Floyd incident in the US and all these protests for #BlackLivesMatter all over the world.

What audio books have tried listening to? Did you love it?

One thought on “BECOMING by Michelle Obama (Reading with the Audio Book)

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