Aren’t beginnings beautiful?

I have always loved the first book of the Bible. And just recently, I fell in love more with the first phrase In the beginning God.

I remember how carelessly we recite these verses when we were kids during Sabbath School. It was one of the easiest verses to recite and thus one of the most gasgas (overused) as the elders call it. As a kid, I’ve memorized it and recited it a million times it became just a set of words which has lost its meaning. You can ask me Genesis 1:1 and I can recite it in my sleep.

But now as a grown-up, eager to know God more and find out more of His beautiful plans for me in the Scriptures, this verse about the beginning has given me a fresh new beginning with regards to understanding the Scriptures, moreso, life itself.

I found a commentary which says,

“Here alone can the mind in its eager questioning, fleeing as the dove to the ark, find rest. Above, beneath, beyond, abides Infinite Love, working out all things to accomplish ‘the good pleasure of His goodness.’ “

And it was only tonight that it occured to me how this four powerful words answer all of life’s most perplexing philosophical questions. Who we are? Why are we here? What’s next? Etcetera, etcera.

Wendy Pope from Proverbs 31 Ministries said, “We can have confidence in every new beginning…Our God is the expert in bringing beauty and order in the void and formless that leaves us fearful to embrace the genesis He sets before us.”

What is your genesis in this season? Remember the promise: In the beginning God.

He is there. In every genesis.

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