Mental Resilience

It’s the second week of our online exams which culminates our three-year classroom set-up trainings in medical school. Exams, whether online or not, has always been a test of not only knowledge but mental resilience as well.

Tonight, one of our professors, a frontliner in the battle against COVID-19 sent us a message which opened my eye (once again) to the reality of this career I am called into.

Medicine is an Art. Inasmuch as it is also Science.

“…mental anguish is part of the process of being a doctor. These are challenging times, a great time to become a physician. But you cannot make an excuse that you are not prepared mentally. This is your time and it’s the best of times.” (Doc T.)


This is my time. I know I am not in the frontline yet but this is my time. The least that I can do now is to study with all my heart and soul in preparation for when I’ll be deployed wherever I am called.

Doc also mentioned about the fear of failure and he said he is no exemption to that. He even consoled us by saying that he, too, has been through lots of mental anguish lately. I’m sure that what he is experiencing as a frontliner is incomparable to the petty issues we have as students with this online system. But despite all that, he is trying his best to train us and prepare us for the future ahead of us. Aren’t we also supposed to do our best despite all these odds brought by the pandemic?

This is the best of times.

What better time can there be to love and value the profession of medicine than during this time of a global pandemic. This is the best of times to become a physician.

I’m grateful I am in this time.

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