In the Multitude of My Thoughts

I love the parallel between the ESV and KJV versions of Psalm 94:19. The former mentions about “the multitude of thoughts” while the latter refers to it as the “cares of the heart”. I can attest that the cares of the heart become the multitude of the thoughts and vice versa. This is the fine line between the heart and mind.

But the verse ends with a beautiful promise. Between all these cares and all these thoughts, the consolations of Christ give cheer to the soul. His comfort delights the soul.

I needed this reminder every single minute of every day because I overthink a lot. A single word I read becomes an entire story in my head. A small gesture, a simple mistake, an unintentional utterance, would quickly escalate into numerous “what ifs” and “maybes”. Often times I get lost within my own thoughts ’til i realize I am already drowning in anxiety. The (negative) thoughts my mind would lead me into would later become the definition of my very existence.

But these thoughts does not need to define me. If control them, I’ll fail. I will always end up more anxious than ever. But if in perfect acqueiscence, I take every thought captive in obedience to Christ (2 Cor 10:5), all will be well. His consolation will cheer me up. His comfort will bring me delight.

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